Week 178: Nice words from my anthro prof

Week 178

This week I got a paper back from my anthropology professor. I got a 100 on it, and she said she wanted to talk to me after class. I looked panicked, I guess, because she immediately said that it wasn’t bad. No, she just wanted to tell me that that paper was “impeccable” (she used that word a few times, so she must have meant it) and that the writing center at the campus was hiring, this week, so if I wanted that shot, I’d have to go down there and talk to the guy in charge I’d have to do it right after class. Well, I did. He asked for my resume and a piece of writing. I told him I’d give it to him the next day. I did not. I emailed him the next day telling him I reassessed and unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to take another job. I admit that I am a talented writer, yes, but I am not a talented tutor, and that’s what the job is. So while I love editing, it wouldn’t be editing. It’d be mostly talking to people, strangers, one-on-one for an hour or so at a time. Not my cup of tea.

So, that’s what happened this week. I emailed my prof and she replied with this. I’m still in shock about her use of the word “impeccable” in regards to something I have written (professional, academic writing, at that).

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