Week 168: My shelving/display has been complimented

Week 168Several months ago, this blogger named The Brunette LIbrarian visited the library where I work and posted pictures and talked about it. I was going through my bookmarks today and found it and looked at it again — I hadn’t noticed this picture the first time I looked at it. I know for a fact that I did this display because before it looked like any other, boring shelf.

To me, books should be displayed; libraries should be inviting, hypnotizing. I get a great chance to pull this off, since I’m the one to put books on the shelves. I want people to be mesmerized by all the books that we have; I want them to be in awe, but mostly I want them to feel like they’re a kid in the candy store. I want them to go overload on the books they check out, just as I did as a kid. So I put effort into this display — a really small one, I might add, basically nothing that I did — and it feels great that this visitor to the library reacted just the way I want people to react.

If it’s not already obvious, I love working in the library. I love it so much.



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