Week Fourteen: Logan

Tuesday of this week, a student at my school died. His name was Logan. He was found dead by the bowling alley in my town on Tuesday morning. A few of the rumors have stated that he had been missing since Thursday, and also that his brother saw him walk out the house with a gun on Friday. We’re pretty sure he died of his own hand.


That night, I got two forwards from school friends. One of them was just an RIP one. The other was something that really moved me….shocking, I know. It said to wear camo in his memory on Wednesday. I was not aware that on Facebook, someone posted that you could have worn black as well.


I walked into my English class on Wednesday. There were a cluster of four guys and one girl, all in camo, standing close to each other in awkward silence. It broke my heart… The tough guy of my school…he was crying. The girl was rubbing his back, crying as well.


RIP Logan.


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